TruckLOG Forklift Truck Fleet Management System will make a real difference to your site safety and materials handling overheads and help you to meet your health and safety obligations.

Damage to forklift trucks accounts for up to 40% of annual fleet maintenance costs. In terms of health and safety, an estimated 30% of fatalities caused by goods vehicles involve a forklift truck.

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Product Range

TruckLOG Forklift Truck Fleet Management System is highly flexible and enables warehouse managers to efficiently utilise vehicles and drivers to improve safety and productivity. TruckLOG TK5 can be configured to your exact requirements and interface seamlessly with your existing systems.

Smart cards can usually be integrated with existing card-based systems. For example, the TruckLOG TK5 system can incorporate site access, attendance recording and cashless vending into one multi-functional card.

The TruckLOG forklift truck fleet management system is available in multiple languages. There are two main versions, one for ambient temperature materials handling management environments and the other is designed specifically for cold store/arduous environments such as food storage.