Davis Derby USA

Davis Derby - World leading supplier of fleet management systems, driver access control and safety monitoring equipment for hazardous industrial environments.

Davis Derby designs and manufactures forklift access and monitoring systems, software and data logging systems. Davis Derby's systems are used widely to bring better productivity and greater safety to a range of hazardous environments such as in mines, ports, power stations, quarries, steelworks, cement plants, oil and gas platforms.  

Davis Derby supply a specialized range of control and monitoring equipment products for use in the mining industry to improve safety and productivity in this hazardous industrial environment. Davis Derby also manufacture and install TruckLog to clients in the materials handling management industry internationally. TruckLog is a forklift access and monitoring system designed for forklift  truck and materials handling equipment fleets.

Keyless Vehicle Access and Monitoring

Davis Derby also offers driver access control and safety solutions that enjoys an unrivaled reputation for creating innovative solutions and can help with all aspects of improving Health & Safety on your site through products such as its Speed Zoning System and pre-operation check software.