Intelligent Driver Access Control and Fleet Management Systems

TruckLOG is a fleet management system for forklift trucks designed for use in demanding materials handling management environments. TruckLOG improves safety and productivity levels of forklift truck fleets in warehouses.

The TruckLOG forklift truck fleet management system is installed with a range of software options that can tell you all about the safety of your forklift truck fleet and give you live feedback to help monitor productivity.   With TruckLOG you are in control of driver vehicle access, pre-operational checks, vehicle shock and impact reporting, driver training needs, speed control zoning, vehicle service and maintenance schedules.

Battery Management

Misuse of batteries in forklift trucks is a very common occurrence within both small and large operating areas and can cost thousands in replacement batteries.[read more]

Latest News

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TruckLOG joined over 1,000 exhibitors to showcase their latest product developments at CeMAT in Hanover. [read more]

World leader supplies global brands

One of the most recent contracts for TruckLOG TK5 fleet management system will be for a leading UK supermarket and the system... [read more]

Davis Derby showcases at BULKEX 2015

Davis Derby had a great reaction at BULKEX 2015. With so many new projects on board over the last few months they had a lot to... [read more]

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